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Small Ultra Drying Towel

Small Ultra Drying Towel

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16” x 16” Edgeless Twist Loop Drying Microfiber Towel

This Towel will help you safely remove water from the surface of your vehicle. It's construction of 1200 GSM (Grams Per Square Meter) is one of the highest in this size. It is sturdy and durable enough to dry and withstand hundreds of drying cycles. Our small ultra drying towel to compliment your Medium Ultra Drying Towel as a back up or great on it's own to dry small panels like windows, door jambs, crevices etc...The 16" x 16" size covers a great deal of surface area but is also light enough to dry your vehicle with one hand so add one to your microfiber collection today!

Specifications: 16” x 16”, 1200 GSM, dual sided twisted loop, edgeless

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