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All Purpose Quick Detailer

All Purpose Quick Detailer

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Ready To Use! All In One. Designed To Help You Clean And Protect In One Easy To Use Spray. Versatile, Leaves Some Protection For Your Occasional Daily Dirt, Grease, Spills And Sunlight, Adds Some Gloss And Works On ALL Interior And Exterior Surfaces.

Safe for use on seats, leather, plastics, vinyl, paint, chrome, glass, trim, wheels etc...

For interior detailing surface will have a smooth silky and non-greasy matte look. No gloss enhancers! No oily residue!

For exterior detailing surface will be smooth and slick on contact with a hybrid water sheet/water bead behavior.

Great for your daily driver for that day in day out wear and tear.

This can be used on top of any ceramic coating and will not mask ceramic coating water behavior.

Use this to maintain and clean your vehicle in between washes with it's high lubricating feature.

Clean, shine and protect in one step.

Works on all vehicles.

Shake Well Before Use. Spray On Microfiber Or Surface. Apply, Wipe On, Flip Towel And Wipe Off. Do Not Let Product Dry. Work In The Shade On A Cool Surface When Possible.
Size: 16 oz
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