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Endurance Tire Dressing "Water Resistant" 16 oz

Endurance Tire Dressing "Water Resistant" 16 oz

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Ready To Use! Water-proof Water Resistant Dressing For All Tires And Exterior Ruber, Plastic, And Vinyl Trim. Restores To A Deep, Dark Black Look With A Slightly Gloss Shine For Rubber, Plastick And Vinyl. V.O.C. Compliant, No Run, And No SLing. Lasts Weeks Not Days And Will Not Brown Tires!


Clean Tire Thoroughly with Auto Essence Detailing Tire, Wheel Cleaner To Get Rid Of Dirt And Residue Of Previous Tire Dressings. Make Sure Tire Is Dry Before Applying Endurance Tire Dressing. Apply With Your Choice Of Foam Or Microfiber Tire Dressing Applicator


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